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Social Media Acquisitions – Episode 72

Adam and Cory discuss spoiler alerts and how Game of Thrones managed to keep its secrets, an infographic about images on Pinterest and what types of images work best, a recent string of social media acquisitions including salesforce.com buying ExactTarget for $2.5 billion, the release of Vine for Android and why this is a good sign for the growth of the network, Foursquare’s Game of Cones promotion and why it’s an interesting use of geo-location data, Facebook updates their available ad formats and makes some cuts, and more.

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Responsive Web Design Deep Dive – Episode 58

Adam and Cory take a deep dive into responsive web design to look at what it is, what the benefits are, and what the main differences between responsive web design and native apps are. They also discuss Foursquare expanding their Specials program beyond American Express to include both Visa and Mastercard, Google adding Enhanced Campaigns to AdWords and why you might want to consider using the new targeting and bidding options, App.net going freemium with a new free tier and whether or not this is a good sign for the social network, the ultimate guide to getting started on Vine including pro tips and 10 ways to play with Vine, and more.

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Blogging On Quora And Other Third Party Blog Platforms – Episode 57

Adam and Cory discuss Sony’s Playstation 4 announcement and how the PS4 puts the focus on social, Vine usage numbers and why they’re a good sign for the strength of the network, blogging on Quora and other third party blog platforms like Tumblr, WordPress.com and Medium, Twitter previewing a new direct response ad format and what marketers can look forward to, Highlight adding events and photos to its geo-location app ahead of SXSW and whether it’s too little too late for the SoLoMo app, Tesla responding to The New York Times about their Model S review and why it’s important that every company thinks of itself as a media company now, how to measure your Vine statistics with Simply Measured and what you should pay attention to, and more.

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