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Verified Accounts – Episode 71

Adam and Cory discuss how to get more likes and comments on Tumblr, the importance of verified accounts and why you should make sure you get verified, Twitter’s new lead generation cards and why you should consider using them, Pinterest’s new rich pins and how they will greatly expand the information contained within a pin, Yahoo! buying Tumblr and what it means for marketers, and more.

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Daft Punk Reveal Secrets of New Album – Episode 65

Adam and Cory discuss Foursquare Day and how to verify your Foursquare profile, Twitter blocking Flattr and why that might be the beginning of the end for the monetized favorite service, the growth of WhatsApp and Snapchat and why these mobile messaging services are something every marketer should pay attention to, the release of the new Daft Punk album and how they used social and mobile marketing, as well as event promotion and partnerships to build buzz, Adam’s interview with Marcus Nelson, Founder & CEO of Addvocate at the Marketo User Summit, Dove’s Real Bueaty Sketches and how the brand has used online video to capture emotion, responding to Facebook Shares and why this is an under-utilized marketing tactic, and more.

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