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Verified Accounts – Episode 71

Adam and Cory discuss how to get more likes and comments on Tumblr, the importance of verified accounts and why you should make sure you get verified, Twitter’s new lead generation cards and why you should consider using them, Pinterest’s new rich pins and how they will greatly expand the information contained within a pin, Yahoo! buying Tumblr and what it means for marketers, and more.

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Google I/O 2013 – Episode 70

Adam and Cory discuss the pronunciation of .GIF, stats about the use of Google devices and applications, everything that was announced at Google I/O including a new Google+ layout, Android Studio, new Google Maps, and what marketers should take away from the event, whether Android is a focus for Google anymore, Yahoo! buying Tumblr and whether it signals a shift towards advertising for the network, Flickr going big with a new profile layout and 1TB of free storage, and whether or not this can revitalize the service, YouTube opening up their live streaming functionality to all accounts, and more.

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