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How Online Data Strategy Can Improve Offline Sales – Episode 51

Adam and Cory discuss how companies are using online data gathering strategies to improve their offline sales, including how Disney is using the MyMagic+ system and MagicBands to enhance the experience visitors have at Disney theme parks and gain valuable data in the process, and how Euclid Analytics is using your existing wi-fi networks to gather data about retail shopping behaviors and patterns, interviews with Yuan Zhang and Sandra Ponce de Leon of ShopNear.me and how geo-location is helping boutique retailers engage their local audience in powerful new ways, an interview with Paul Nicholls of Blue Kangaroo about how Blue Kangaroo is helping users manage their online coupons and deals and cleanup their inbox, the trend of connected gadgets that emerged out of CES and why your refrigerator may soon talk with your car to help order dinner, the new universal voice assistant that Nuance is building and how it aims to improve upon Siri, Twitter improving search with real-time human computation in order to better identify trending topics, and more.

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Starbucks Takes Square, Pinterest Alternatives, and Land Rover iAds – Episode31

Adam and Cory discuss what smartphone apps shoppers are using and how brick and mortar stores can take advantage of this mobile trend, Starbucks teaming up with Square and why this might signal a huge increase in mobile payments, Pinterest alternatives The Fancy and Svpply and how they are better matches to the needs of retail businesses, Land Rover’s Apple iAd case study and what you can learn from this big budget campaign, a review of Scribe SEO and how you can use it to optimize your content marketing, Facebook’s official estimate of their ‘undesirable’ accounts and if you should be worried, the return of Digg and whether or not marketers should be paying attention, brands that are active on SocialCam and what their results signal for the network, how to verify your Google+ business page, and more.

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Ramadan on Google, The Junk Web, and Bag the Bag Lunch – Episode 29

Adam and Cory discuss infographic trends, Google getting serious about Ramadan and why this hints at the future of Google’s social backbone, the junk web and companies that are actively trying to develop their image strategy, an interview with Riley Gibson of Napkin Labs, Chili’s Bag the Bag Lunch social promotion and why four-letter words aren’t always a bad thing, a review of the Analytiks app for iOS and how it helps you make sense of your Google Analytics data, the Celeb Boutique Twitter snafu and whether we’re too hard on social mis-steps, how many people use Twitter’s own apps, Pinterest blocking trackable links, and more.

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