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Twitter For Marketers: Present & Future – Episode 25

Adam and Cory take a deep dive into Twitter for brands and marketers, looking at how you can take advantage of recent changes, and what the future looks like for the network, including Twitter use statistics for 2012, new hashtag pages and how they will focus branded conversation around the hashtag, Twitter’s first TV commercial and why it means the company is ready to take the network to the next level, turning off replies for larger brands and why this will free you up to have more conversations, expanded Tweets and how they will bring images, videos, blog posts and other media into the Twitter experience, deeper Facebook integration to bring your Twitter communication into other networks, suggested followers that will help you build a relevant audience and start meaningful conversations, tailored trends and why you no longer need to chase after unrelated topics, unlimited retweets and how you can use retweet counts to spy on your competition, Toyota’s Tweets for Sweets campaign and how you can easily bring Twitter rewards to the offline world, a review of the Hibari Twitter app and how you can use it as a secondary app to find valuable opportunities for engagement, interviews with Di-Ann Eisnor of Waze and how Waze builds a mobile-focused product and an incredibly strong and dedicated community, and Kipp Jones of Skyhook Wireless and how internal location will change the way we think of geo-location services, Oreo’s pride image and how taking a stand on controversial issues can help you develop passionate and loyal fans, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe meme and what it looks like when a video truly goes viral, Square’s new rewards platform and how it will help businesses retain their most valuable customers and find new ones, and more.

Show Notes: