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Connected Gadgets and Second Screen Devices – Episode 66

Adam and Cory discuss the number of people that visit Foursquare.com each month as a result of search, a deep dive into the world of connected devices and second screens, including the opportunities and challenges for marketing and advertising on those devices, internet enabled car dashboards, the potential of Google Glass, and data logging services like Jawbone and Nike+, Tumblr launching mobile ads and what types of brands their initial offering is going after, Foursquare’s new business pages and why you should consider Foursquare to improve your SEO, and more.

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Tips For Local SEO – Episode 59

Adam and Cory discuss the SXSW conference, the impact and ROI of responsive web design on web traffic and retail sales, tips for getting started with local SEO including what data you should be managing and what channels to get listed on, a review of Eventstagram as a way of displaying Instagram photos during an event, a review of Poptip as a tool to run interactive polls on Twitter with engaging visuals, Facebook’s favorite Graph Search searches and what they signal for the growth of the feature, whether or not Twitter reactions are a good substitute for the public’s reaction, a look at Alongside and the interesting things it’s doing with Foursquare data, and more.

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Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) – Episode 33

Adam and Cory discuss the state of SEO and internet marketing in 2012, including the split between organic and paid clicks, the top SEO tools being used and if you can use only the free SEO tools from Google, how SEO has changed in big ways, including the addition of social signals from Twitter, Facebook and Google+, authorship markup, content quality, page speed and appetizing results, a look at Google’s Penguin and Panda updates and how they have changed search result quality, what content works well for SEO and whether or not you should be paying attention to YouTube, a review of the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, how it makes social optimization like the Facebook Open Graph and Pinterest easy, and how it compares to the All In One SEO Pack, Twitter’s recent changes to their API and how it will effect 3rd party developers, Instagram’s new business blog and the best practices that they share, Facebook opening up in-line tagging to Open Graph apps, and tips on what you can do, including a look into your important keywords and getting familiar with Google’s Webmaster Tools, to get started with SEO today.

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