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Verified Accounts – Episode 71

Adam and Cory discuss how to get more likes and comments on Tumblr, the importance of verified accounts and why you should make sure you get verified, Twitter’s new lead generation cards and why you should consider using them, Pinterest’s new rich pins and how they will greatly expand the information contained within a pin, Yahoo! buying Tumblr and what it means for marketers, and more.

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Using Klout For Business – Episode 62

Adam and Cory discuss YouTube crosses the billion monthly unique user mark and why the video sharing service shows no signs of stopping, Klout announces Klout For Business and how you can use the social influence measurement tool to engage influencers and maximize your content strategy, Flattr adding financial incentives to your online likes, comments, favorites and shares, Facebook’s new Timeline and why it may signal the end of Facebook apps, Amazon’s new Send To Kindle button and why you should consider adding it to your long form content, and more.

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Facebook Graph Search Introduction – Episode 52

Adam and Cory discuss LinkedIn crossing the 200 million member mark and what this means for marketers that want to make the most of the network, Facebook’s new Graph Search and what it enables thanks to Facebook’s data, whether Graph Search is a threat to networks like Foursquare, Yelp, or LinkedIn, whether Graph Search is a treat to Google, making the most of page likes, the privacy implications of Graph Search, how marketers and entrepreneurs can leverage Graph Search data, and what people and businesses should do to prepare for Graph Search, a question from @SunshineMug about Facebook’s motivation for developing Graph Search, a look at the Firegram tool for automating Instagram likes and what you can learn from the application even though it’s already been shut down, Tumbuk2 putting a big focus on mobile retail and what this signals for the market in general, and more.

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