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Social Media Acquisitions – Episode 72

Adam and Cory discuss spoiler alerts and how Game of Thrones managed to keep its secrets, an infographic about images on Pinterest and what types of images work best, a recent string of social media acquisitions including salesforce.com buying ExactTarget for $2.5 billion, the release of Vine for Android and why this is a good sign for the growth of the network, Foursquare’s Game of Cones promotion and why it’s an interesting use of geo-location data, Facebook updates their available ad formats and makes some cuts, and more.

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Verified Accounts – Episode 71

Adam and Cory discuss how to get more likes and comments on Tumblr, the importance of verified accounts and why you should make sure you get verified, Twitter’s new lead generation cards and why you should consider using them, Pinterest’s new rich pins and how they will greatly expand the information contained within a pin, Yahoo! buying Tumblr and what it means for marketers, and more.

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How To Pick An E-Commerce, CMS, and Forum Platform – Episode 45

Adam and Cory discuss how much time and money small businesses spend on social media and what you should consider when setting your own budget, what platforms power the internet and what to consider when picking a platform to power for your e-commerce, CMS, or forum, a look at LaunchRock 2.0 and how to use LaunchRock to get a new business idea off the ground, why YouTube is pulling funding from more than 60% of their partner programs and why this shows just how hard content marketing can be, Google rolling out indoor maps for the holiday season and whether or not this is a significant step towards the future of indoor mapping, AirBnB using a new Neighborhoods feature and the browsing behavior to increase rentals, Facebook testing ranked comments and how this might improve online discussion, and more.

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