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Million Dollar Kickstart – Episode 15

Adam and Cory discuss tax day stories, Foursquare Day and what it signals for the network’s growth, promotions you can use to engage the Foursquare community, the new Google+ layout and what it means for your company page, making the most of live discussions through services like Google+ Hangouts On Air, Klout’s announcement of brand pages and how this could change the way companies interact with an motivate influencers, lessons from the massive success of recent Kickstarter campaigns, whether or not social icons at the end of TV commercials actually drive action, the Starbucks #5More campaign and how it brings together the social conversation into a single hub, and a challenge to find the most unique uses of the new Facebook Timeline.

Show Notes:

Deep Dive Into Pinterest – Episode 12

Adam and Cory discuss President Obama’s new Pinterest account, Justin Bieber breaking Instagram, Pinterest group board issues, Pinterest hacking for fun and for profit, Kotex engaging influencers through Pinterest, Pinterest management and measurement tools and whether it’s too early to start using them, Facebook vs blogging for your business needs, social logins and their affect on e-commerce, and Twitter’s new self-serve ad platform that they launched with American Express.

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