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Electing Obama With Social Media – Episode 44

Adam and Cory Discuss the 2012 presidential election and how Barack Obama used social media to his advantage, President Obama’s photo becomes the most liked photo ever on Facebook and Twitter, how big data played a big role in predicting election results, why the election may have been Instagram’s first mainstream event, Facebook and Foursquare turn votes into real-time data, Instagram’s new web profile and what companies should know about this new feature, Google’s new Google Wallet card and how a physical card could help adoption of the mobile payment system, Foursquare’s new ratings system and why it makes Foursquare a serious competitor to Yelp, Facebook testing Pages Feed to help brands get exposure, Waze adding ads to their geo-location service and why this could be a great opportunity for small business, how to get more creative with your photography, and more!

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Facebook Opens A Store – Episode 40

Adam and Cory discuss why 2012 is the year of the mobile election and how presidential candidates are using mobile to advertise, fund raise, and register voters, Twitter’s response to the Presidential Debate and why 2nd screen viewing may play a key role in this election, how PBS took advantage of their Big Bird moment, how Twitter is shaping ads to their platform and what smart advertisers are doing to maximize the opportunity, Twitter’s new Nielsen Brand Impact polls and what they signal about the future of the social network, an interview with Seth Grimes, Facebook adding a Want button and Collections to create a Pinterest alternative and how they could combine Collections with Gifts to create a billion dollar opportunity by opening a Facebook Store, Facebook’s first ad and why they think the world is made of chairs, WebPlatform.org and what it could mean for the future of mobile development, brands that accidentally post inappropriate Tweets, why you should develop a social media emergency plan and what that plan should contain, and more.

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Build Your Community – Episode 36

Adam and Cory discuss their predictions for Apple’s iPhone 5 event, including whether or not Apple will include NFC, WooThemes supporting WordPress SEO by Yoast and why it’s a good sign for anyone considering the plugin, Yoast adding Twitter Card support to an upcoming version of the WordPress SEO plugin, WordPress announcing a new Liveblogging plugin and why this could be the perfect solution for blogs that are looking to cover live and real-time events, an infographic that dives into the power of Pinterest and why Pinterest is still a huge source of traffic, revenue and sales, why you should build your community before you need to market to them and why it’s important to own your own community instead of giving control to a 3rd party platform, an interview with Erika Taylor of Three Girls Media, a review of Triberr and how it can help you get additional traffic to your blog posts and social content, a look at the White House’s home brew beer recipe and why it’s a great example of maximizing an opportunity, 7-Eleven getting involved in predicting the election with 7-Election and how they are innovating the world of consumer data, Facebook calling their HTML5 reliance a mistake and what that means for other companies developing in the mobile space, why you should explore Quora’s Trending Topics and how you can use trending topics to develop valuable online content themes, and more.

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