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Apple’s 2013 WWDC – Episode 73

Adam and Cory discuss why Facebook ads are better with social context, Apple’s 2013 World Wide Developer’s Conference, better known as WWDC, including the launch of iTunes Radio, the introduction of flat design, LinkedIn integration, camera app updates, and more, Google buying the mobile navigation app Waze and what it signals for the future of travel, Jello’s innovative #FML campaign, avoiding common smartphone website misconfigurations, and more.

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The Mobile Photo App Shake Up – Episode 49

Adam and Cory discuss a look back at 2012 from Twitter, Facebook, and Google, including Facebook Stories and the Google Zeitgeist, what’s happening in the mobile photo app world as Flickr updates their iPhone app, Twitter adds photo filters, and Instagram gets in trouble for trying to change their Terms of Service, Facebook’s new Nearby feature and whether it poses a serious threat to Foursquare’s Explore and Yelp, YouTube’s new Capture app and how it aims to make mobile video creation and uploading much easier, a look at Facebook Gifts and how it simplifies online gift giving, Square adding gift cards to their Wallet app and whether you should consider them over Apple’s Passbook, a look at the Socl social network from Microsoft, and more.

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What’s Up With WhatsApp – Episode 48

Adam and Cory discuss the state of social media in 2012 and what has changed the most over the last year, the growth of WhatsApp and what marketers should know about the international communications platform, whether or not WhatsApp is a threat to Facebook and Path, Urban Airship buying Tello for their PassTools app and what it signals for the continued growth of Apple Passbook, a review of SoundCloud and what’s changed with the release of SoundCloud 2.0 (and why some users aren’t happy with the updates), Vizibility putting your business card in Apple Passbook and whether or not this is a good idea, Facebook announcing Photo Syncing and why this signals a big move in their attempt to control more of your online data, whether or not the iPad is changing the way that we shop, and more.

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