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Facebook Opens A Store – Episode 40

Adam and Cory discuss why 2012 is the year of the mobile election and how presidential candidates are using mobile to advertise, fund raise, and register voters, Twitter’s response to the Presidential Debate and why 2nd screen viewing may play a key role in this election, how PBS took advantage of their Big Bird moment, how Twitter is shaping ads to their platform and what smart advertisers are doing to maximize the opportunity, Twitter’s new Nielsen Brand Impact polls and what they signal about the future of the social network, an interview with Seth Grimes, Facebook adding a Want button and Collections to create a Pinterest alternative and how they could combine Collections with Gifts to create a billion dollar opportunity by opening a Facebook Store, Facebook’s first ad and why they think the world is made of chairs, WebPlatform.org and what it could mean for the future of mobile development, brands that accidentally post inappropriate Tweets, why you should develop a social media emergency plan and what that plan should contain, and more.

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Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) – Episode 33

Adam and Cory discuss the state of SEO and internet marketing in 2012, including the split between organic and paid clicks, the top SEO tools being used and if you can use only the free SEO tools from Google, how SEO has changed in big ways, including the addition of social signals from Twitter, Facebook and Google+, authorship markup, content quality, page speed and appetizing results, a look at Google’s Penguin and Panda updates and how they have changed search result quality, what content works well for SEO and whether or not you should be paying attention to YouTube, a review of the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, how it makes social optimization like the Facebook Open Graph and Pinterest easy, and how it compares to the All In One SEO Pack, Twitter’s recent changes to their API and how it will effect 3rd party developers, Instagram’s new business blog and the best practices that they share, Facebook opening up in-line tagging to Open Graph apps, and tips on what you can do, including a look into your important keywords and getting familiar with Google’s Webmaster Tools, to get started with SEO today.

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Social Media Olympics – Episode 32

Adam and Cory discuss the 2012 Summer Olympics, including Twitter breaking Tweet Per Minute records, the growth of social media since the 2008 Olympics, search shifting to mobile, viewers getting angered by time delays and NBC scooping their own coverage, Beats by Dre sneaking in unofficial sponsorships, athletes that communicate directly with fans and how it boosts their influence, swimmer Scott Tyler Clary live-Tweeting his own race, Olympic fails including racists Tweets from Greek triple jumper Paraskevi ‘Voula’ Papachristou, why you should be careful not to fall for your own hype, a review of Storify and how you can use it to aggregate coverage of an event, the changes Pinterest made recently including the launch of tablet apps and open registration, Facedeals and how you might soon be checking-in to Facebook and receiving deals with your face, Oreo’s Daily Twist and how they used it to boost PR around the Mars Curiosity landing, why you should check your Klout score now and what changes the network has made, and more.

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