Google I/O Recap and Foursquare Marketing Tips – Episode 26

Adam and Cory discuss Google I/O, the announcements made at the conference, and what you need to know to optimize Google’s platforms, including Google+ usage statistics, the new Nexus 7 Android tablet and why you may want to begin testing on a 7″ device, Android Jelly Bean, Project Butter and what it means for the mobile operating system, Google Now and how it will take on Siri with spontaneous recommendations, Google Glass and the future of Google, the world’s best product demo, existing in the layer of data, Google+ announcements including Google+ Events, Google+ tablet apps, and Google+ history API, interviews with Nancy Ramamurthi from TripIt and how TripIt data is being used in interesting ways, and Kevin Fliess from Room77 and how social is shifting the way we focus our shopping, Foursquare’s new connected apps platform and what it means for your business, a review of the Google+ Notifications Chrome extension, Google +1 button recommendations, Google changing their Places app to Google+ Local and why you should pay extra close attention to Zagat, Instagram’s new photo pages, and more.

Show Notes:

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