Content Marketing 101 – Episode 41

Adam and Cory discuss an infographic on the top 1,000 YouTube channels and what brands can learn from these popular users, a deep dive into content marketing, including a look at Red Bull and Coca-Cola and how brands can make the most of making their own content, Foursquare opening up the Explore feature to the world and why businesses should pay attention to Foursquare in addition to Yelp and Zagat, a review of Tumblr’s new Photoset app and how it might signal a new style of online photo sharing, Old Navy’s human coupon and how brands can make the most of celebrating their social milestones, Looper promoting their movie with an in-theater commentary track and why other brands should look for new ways to drive repeat purchases, Facebook making changes to the Open Graph and how this could drastically alter the way that apps promote consumption on the network, Gucci adding Pinterest to their banner ads and why you should find alternative uses for your existing assets, and more.

Show Notes:

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