Updates and Replacing Feedburner – Episode 39

Adam and Cory discuss updates, including a new pricing structure, developer payments, and 20,000 users, whether or not Feedburner is dead and if it’s time to replace Feedburner with FeedBlitz and MailChimp, a review of Google’s new Tag Manager, Facebook Gifts and how they might help out small businesses, Facebook deleting fake accounts and why this is good for the long term success of the network, Facebook updating their SDK for iOS 6 and why more apps should take advantage of the added social integration, a letter from Tim Cook on maps and why the data he reveals makes maps more important than ever, Google confirming hidden benefits of authorship markup and why you should take advantage of the extra integration, Moo’s new NFC business cards and what they mean for the future of NFC, Kellogg’s Tweet Shop and whether or not it devalues the Tweet, CW embedding live Tweets in a print ad and why this could represent the future of print, Lay’s Do Us A Flavor campaign as a great example of getting fans involved, and more.

Show Notes:

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